Parking in the garages under Thomas B. Thriges Gade and Odeon

What does it cost to park?
Between 08:00 & 20:00: DKK15 per hour
Rest of the day: Free parking

Sunday and holidays:
Free parking

Ways to pay
It is possible to pay with
- Credit cards
- MobilePay
- Coins. Only Danish 1, 2, 5, 10 & 20 kroner
- It is only possible to pay with coins in payment machine at stair tower 7 in Thomas B. Thriges  Gade and in Odeon at the payment machine closest to the wardrobe at the entrance to the foyer.

How does it work
- As you drive in to the underground car park your car license plate will automatically be detected by a camera at the entrance. You park your car.
- If you choose to use a credit card you don't need to check in but can wait and do it when you leave. Remember to check out on exit.
- If you pay with coins or MobilePay you can choose to either pay in advance or pay when you leave the car park. Note: If you pay with coins when you leave the car park please remember that the payment machine can’t give change (coins) back. You will need to pay the exact amount in coins.- Remember your car´s license plate. You can take a picture of the license plate with your mobile phone before you leave the car.
- After completing the parking you just find the nearest payment machine where you have to pay for the parking. Follow the instructions on the display, where you among other things have to enter your license plate.
- As you drive out again the cameras will read your car license plate again and your parking is now completed.

Quick and easy parking - use the APCOA FLOW app
If you download APCOA FLOW app from Google Play or App Store, all you need to do is create an account and sign up your with our credit card (automatic).

Once this is done, you will not have to go to the payment machine, but simply just park. Entering the garage you will get a push notification telling you that the payment has started. Leaving the garage you will again get a push notification telling you the parking has stopped. NB: You will only receive these notifications if you have turned notifications on in your phone's settings.
The app APCOA FLOW can also be used for payment all over Denmark in many car parks.

Parking for disabled (Blue Badge Holders)
There are a total of 8 parking spaces for disabled. Thomas B. Thriges Gade: 4 parking spaces in the basement. Odeon: 4 parking spaces on the upper parking level.

You can park free provided the following:
- You have a valid handicap card (Blue Badge) visible in the car
- You register as disabled in the payment machine

Need help?
If you are standing at a payment machine and need help, you can call our all day control center. You will find the phone number on the machine (76 117 421).

If you have questions, please contact us at: kontakt[at]